Sunday, January 3, 2010

26 inches and counting...

In Vermont it takes a lot of snowfall for us to notice. Six inches is considered a dusting. Our towns send their salt trucks out before the snow even starts and the plows operate around the clock.  It is a rare snow that gets in our way.  This kind of snow, however, is impossible not to notice:

It's been snowing softly for a couple of days and last night it began to pick up. This morning we have 26" and it's still coming down. This picture is our back porch with snow mounds where our table and chairs used to be.

Poor Deano has to make it to the hospital for rounds in the wee hours of the morning no matter the weather so he was out there in the dark this morning shoveling a path out of the garage. We're the only crazy family on the block without a snow blower. We shovel while telling ourselves it's good exercise (which it is)and pretending that we wouldn't rather just push a massive machine and take the "lazy man's" way out (which we would). I'm not sure why we spent 11 years in this state and never bought a snow blower, but it's too late now. We're moving in June and while I don't yet know where we are going, I do know that we're heading south. If we weren't we'd be moving to Canada.

We will not be investing in a $400 piece of machinery, but we are ready to admit that some snows are too big for a couple of shovels. We're also ready to admit that we have been the lazy ones, too lazy and busy to research and hire some help. This morning, the solution was literally staring us in the face (or rather blowing snow in it). Deano just walked through mid-thigh high drifts to our next door neighbor's house to hire the snow removal service in the midst of clearing the neighbor's driveway. They're charging $30! I've spent more on face cream (not worth it). This is worth it. Why didn't we do this a long time ago?

I was about to put on my snow gear and get sweaty. Now I think I'll have another cup of coffee and see what the kids want to do with our last day of Christmas vacation. It's back to school for them and work for me tomorrow.

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