Thursday, January 14, 2010


Deano was in Annapolis today beginning his first round of interviews and I meet him there tomorrow.  I am in a hotel room in New Jersey, just returned from dinner with a warm and wonderful colleague.  The kids think that Deano and I are both in Minneapolis.  I kept saying "ANNapolis," but it's all the same to them.

At dinner in the Marriott lounge, over tomorrow's meeting agenda and a glass of champagne, I shed some unexpected tears.   What if life after residency doesn't measure up to our dreams?  I already miss the dreaming and the good that is now.


  1. Good luck! If the children call us, I'll tell them you love them and will call back soon. Aunt Barbara

  2. I am DYING to hear from you!! So great to be able to get a little bit of your thoughts blog-wise. I can't wait to hear about all it.