Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Destination Annapolis?

With six months left before Deano's residency ends, things are heating up.  A new home closer to family and further from the piles of white stuff burying us in Vermont is tantalizingly close.  This moment has seemed so far away for seven long (but not entirely unpleasant) years and now it is so near.  I was at work this morning, deeply engrossed in a presentation for my favorite client when I received a rare mid-day call from Deano.   

He was staring at an email from one of the surgeons in Annapolis where he has an interview on January 14th and 15th.  Their practice manager is out of town so one of the surgeons decided to check-in.  He asked if I was planning to come to town for the interview too.  Deano and I thought that this interview would be preliminary and that I would join Deano for a second round (should he be invited back).  And, I have an important client meeting on the dates of the interview.  But Deano was worried about what they will think if he says I'm not coming.  Will they doubt his interest?  We have always wanted to live in Annapolis - ever since we visited together when we were in college. It's a beautiful town right on the water and it is so close to so many members of our family, not to mention many, many dear friends. 

We quickly decided that I would fly out to Annapolis Friday night after my meeting and spend Saturday the 16th in Annapolis with Deano to explore the area and look at real estate.  We'll then return home together on Sunday morning with tons of pictures to show the kids.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.   It took all of my will-power to re-focus on my job after our conversation and snap decision.

Will Annapolis and this practice live up to our expectations?  I dare not get my hopes up.

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