Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here doggie!

When Sofia was a year or so old, she developed an obsession with mardi gras beads.  I can't remember where we got them, but she has loved them ever since.  She used to wear them around her neck all the time - in the bath, around the house, out of the house - wherever she could get away with it.

She is three now and her obsession with the beads continues.  She still wears them as necklaces, but she's also found new ways to employ them.  She attaches them to small toys then puts the beads over her shoulder with the toy dangling from the bottom and carries the toy as if it were a purse.  Most recently she has been using the beads to make collars and leashes for her stuffed animals.   One necklace goes around the animal's neck and then another two or so will be attached to the collar to form a leash.  Everyday, she drags some poor unsuspecting stuffed animal around by her mardi gras beads.

Santa noticed.  He gave Sofia a small pet collar and leash (pink of course) in her stocking.  She recieved a lot of gifts for Christmas that she is still playing with, but the stupid dog collar is by far her favorite thing.  She got a white "Furreal" cat for Christmas too and that poor cat gets dragged through the house like a bright white mop.  Too bad Sofia named the cat White.  It won't be a fitting name for long.  I snapped this picture of her outside of my office this afternoon  taking her dog Blue for a walk.  No, it has not escaped my notice that her white cat is named White and her blue dog is named Blue.  She'll grow into her creativity, right?

Yesterday, high on the fun of walking our special pets that don't poop, smell bad, or bark, we prepared for a friend's 4th birthday party.  Unsure of what to get this four year old girl as a gift, especially given the 33 inches of snow on the ground, we went to the nearby pet store and bought our friend a pet collar and leash just like Sofia's.  It was a hit, except for the fighting among the kids over whose turn it was to "walk" the dog!   I will be buying another couple of pet leashes next time I'm near a pet store.  I'll stash them away to give as birthday gifts to the 2-5 year old set.  This is the kind of pet a working mother of three can handle and it makes for an affordable and unexpected gift.

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