Friday, January 1, 2010

Numero Uno

Today begins an experiment - my first ever blog. This year I will write a diary, only a public one. Chances are that only I will read it, just as if the diary were kept in my bedside drawer, locked with a small key like when I was a young girl. That's OK. Knowing someone else may read what I write is surprisingly exciting. Maybe just one trial, joy, or everyday innovation of mine will make its way into someone's life. Or maybe it won't.  Either way, I will chronicle 2010 and it will be a big year. Here is what to expect, from the big to the small:

  • There will be a cross-state move this summer from Vermont (where we have lived for 11 years) to an as-yet-yo-be-determined location.
  • My husband will finish residency and start his first "real" job as a fully licensed, practicing neurosurgeon.
  • There will be extensive deliberations and decisions about where in the country to go and what job my husband should take.
  • I will make a career change of some kind after 13 years with the same consulting firm. I will, undoubtedly, torture myself about what I want to do when I am not the primary bread winner. Will I still work full time? Will I continue with business travel? That is, after all, when the work is most interesting. On the other hand, it is also torture for me to be away from home. What will I do to satisfy my need to earn, contribute, and use my mind in ways only my career allows?
  • There will be a 4th, 6th, 8th, 37th, and 38th birthday to celebrate.
  • I will receive a Master’s Degree in Mediation and Conflict Studies.
  • There will be lots of cooking and I may not be able to resist sharing recipes.
  • There will be peeks into minds like mine – of women who work, mother, cook from scratch, manage a household, fuel a marriage, nurture friendships, and have fun (and a few meltdowns) along the way.
  • There will also be funny stories and musings about my children, what they teach me and what I teach them.
I am going to tell you truths – the good the bad and the ugly – in my real voice about my real life. On some days I feel like a great mom. On others I feel like the world’s worst. Those days are usually my best days at work, when I’m with a client and I’ve made a contribution I’m proud of. There are good and bad wife days too. The best way I know to inspire other mothers is to be honest. I’m never all I want to be in every facet of my life at the same time, try as I may.

What I have to offer is the point of view of a career-woman turned mother who is still holding on to both for dear life.  

Welcome 2010. Bring me watchya got!


  1. Boy, did you summarize my life and thoughts! And by the way, when do we have time to "work, mother, cook from scratch, manage a household, fuel a marriage, nurture friendships, and have fun (and a few meltdowns) along the way."? I know we do it, but jeez, when you write it down it certainly reads like a lot!

  2. yes, please post recipes...after all these years, you are still one of the best cooks I know...I'm going to try the Friday night, glass of wine, plan it all out routine, I like that. Much better than the wandering the aisles at Whole Foods waiting to be inspired!

  3. This is an excellent idea! I've enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading more.