Saturday, January 2, 2010

What's a Resolution?

This morning I decided to tell the kids what resolutions are and see if they would come up with any.  I gave them a simple definition – “something you want to do to improve yourself and be the best person you can be."  I gave them an example – “to eat less junk food” or “to be kinder to my brother or sister.” 
To my surprise, they jumped right in with their ideas:
GJ:  Oh.  I know.  Mine is to give money to charity.
Mommy:  That’s very nice.
Johnny:  Mine is giving out money to poor people.
GJ:  That’s the same as mine.
Mommy:  You’re both very nice.  Where will this money come from?
GJ:  When our Dad comes home with change, we’ll save it in our train bank until nex year.
Johnny:  We’ll try to ask our parents if they have any money and we will buy some groceries so they can eat.
Sofia (over Johnny):  My turn.  My turn.  My Turn!
Mommy: Yes, Sofia?
Sofia:  My wezawoo-un is to give money to poor people.
GJ:  She always copies.
Johnny:  I have a new one.  My wezalooshun is givin’ toys fer the little kids that don’t  have moms who can afford ‘em.
Sofia:    Now my new one is givin’ ponies.  And dollhouses.
GJ:  My new one is to try more foods and to like salmon.  
Huh?  Did he really say that?  Silent celebratory fireworks are going off in my mind, but I can’t let on or he’ll detect my extreme gratification and retract.  Yes, it’s nice that my kids resolved to be charitable, but this last of GJ’s resolution represents a major victory for me.  GJ and I have been in a seven year battle over what he eats.  Since he was born he has been a stubbornly picky eater.  And I mean from birth when he refused to nurse properly requiring an emergency intervention at the pediatrician’s office with a lactation consultant.  I think I will have “just try it”  engraved on my tombstone.  In the meantime, I am going to prominently post GJ’s eating resolution in the kitchen and replay his words to him nightly. Oh please let it work. OK, back to the end of our resolutions conversation.
Johnny:  I want to buy kids new houses.
GJ (in know-it-all voice):  That would be hundreds of dollars!

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