Friday, February 19, 2010

Captain Underpants II

Mark a victory in the Mommy column this week.  GJ wore a different outfit everyday, including clean socks and underwear.  It's a miracle.  He is coming to understand that every day deserves clean, fresh undies.   He still prefers his boxers warm, stretched out, broken-in, and barely touching his skinny body, but I have hope that he'll come around.

The things that bother GJ always surprise me.  How can he tell when the seam of his sock is only slightly askew across his toes in his boot?  But nothing surprises me more than the things that do not bother him, like rules and routine.  

The weekend after my discovery that GJ's alter ego (The dirty underwear king, Captain Underpants) had re-surfaced and again taken over my otherwise neat, tidy, and meticulously clean seven year old's body, we went to his room to sort through his clothes.  We made outfits he could agreed to wear.  It wasn't easy, but we came up with five, one for each school day.  At the last minute I decided to take took a picture of each one and printed it.  GJ was so excited.  We labeled each outfit with a day of the week and he thought carefully about which ensemble was best for which day.  The good friend the Mr. Motorcycle shirt is for Mondays.  He decided he wanted to start his weeks off on a happy note.  

Before bed on Sunday night he stacked up his clothing pictures; ordered them chronologically; clipped them with a magnetic binder clip; and stuck them to the magnet board in his room.  He actually changes the picture each night and lays out the next day's outfit.  

 I know it's weird, but it's I don't care!

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