Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fancy Fia II

Yesterday I came downstairs after work to find Sofia dressed in her all-time kookiest outfit ever.  I tried to take her picture but the camera battery was dead.  We made dinner and I interviewed Sofia about her special look and her unusual fashion sense

Me:  Sofia, where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Sofia:  Uh....ME!!
Me:   I see.  Who would say are your favorite fashion icons?
Sofia:  [Pointing to nearby candy jar]  Those M&Ms are my fash-un IKE-ons!
Me:  Fascinating.  Last question for you, Sofia.  What makes your sense of style so unique?
Sofia: I do not wear diwty socks-ez.
I charged my camera overnight and this morning, with Sofia's help, I recreated her very special look and here it is. The doggy shirt with blue polka dot sleeves is her favorite.  To it she has added black and gray striped leggings, red socks; and....yes, it's true. Your eyes do not deceive you.  She has topped off her runway-ready look with a pair of her brand new Tinkerbell underwear, worn on the outside.

For the record I checked and she was also wearing Tinkerbell underwear on the inside. Phew.

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