Tuesday, March 2, 2010

99% Sure

I have been incredibly superstitious about Deano's job search, and in particular about the possibility of landing in Annapolis, Maryland so near to family and friends, and right on the mid-Atlantic coast. I've been Great Grandmother superstitious about this.  My Great Grandmother (of "sugar bread" fame, see 1/24/10 post titled Best Breakfast - recipe #1) taught me every silly superstition that I know.  I went to college not more than 20 minutes from her house so I was lucky enough to visit her when she was in her 90s, still living alone, still cooking southern dinners, and still bossing everyone around.  On one visit during my sophomore year I left a text book at her house and ran right back in for it.  She made me sit down and put my feet up on an ottoman (just for a split second).  Only then did she let me dash back out of her house and back to campus.  If I didn't sit down and put my feet up, bad things would have happened.  She was so convinced of this that she made me do it, despite my hurried protests.  There were other superstitions too.  Salt, if spilled, had to be tossed over the left shoulder.  Wood was to be knocked.  I didn't think any of this had rubbed off on me, but I was wrong.

Several months ago Deano discovered a brain and spine surgery practice in Annapolis looking to add a new  surgeon.  At the time he still had his mind set on a fellowship and another year of training.  We talked about what a great place to live Annapolis would be for us.  There's water (and steamed crabs).  We would be no more than 45 minutes from close family and so many friends.  We would live near a major city but not too near.  It seemed perfect so I got scared.  I think he did too.  Anything too perfect just can't be as good as it seems.  We visited for an interview anyway.  I wrote about my anxiety.  I talked about it.  I knocked a lot of wood daring not say or think anything presumptuous.

The interviews and the visit went really well.  They offered him the job right away and promised that a contract would be coming.  The picture above was taken on that trip.  The picture will always remind me of how hopeful, excited, optimistic, and afraid we felt that day.  We met my parents for lunch while we were in town and they were over the moon with the idea that we could be neighbors.  That was back in mid-January and I know that there has been radio silence from me since then.  It's my Great Grandmother's influence.  I have been feeling, these several weeks while we have waited for this contract, that the Annapolis job was too good to be true.  I've been bracing myself for that other shoe ever since - the shoe that drops on your dreams and squashes that self who is out ahead of the rest of you where she shouldn't be.

Well, the rest of me has caught up with her; my shoes are where they should be; and it looks like we're moving to Annapolis!  Last week we were visiting the DC area and while we were in town Deano and I visited Annapolis a couple of times.  Deano hammered out nearly all of the details of the job.  So.... barring some sort of extraordinary glitch in the final contract negotiations, Deano will accept a job with this practice and we will move to Annapolis this July.  

Yes, I just knocked on my desk.  I hope particle board counts.  It's a cheap desk.


  1. So excited for you guys...moving is such a pain, but worth it in the end to be near family. Not sure there is any way to ease the transition for the kids. For us, the easy going one has rolled with it and the more particular one has had a hard time. But it could also be that the older one (ie. the particular one) had to change schools while the younger one got to start K here. I look forward to reading all about it!

  2. A toast to you. And I really like your purse in that picture :-)

  3. I remember when she made everyone in your family sing the national anthem at a family holiday dinner when the Orioles were playing. She was a hoot! Still remember her well :)

  4. Whenever I tip over the salt shaker I scrabble around for a stray grain or two to toss over my left shoulder ... always have and am sure I always will. I've shared this bit of habit with my wife and have passed it on to our now adult children.

    I'm not superstitious ... at all ... not even a little. So why do I do it? I've come to realize that I do it in honor of a woman who impacted all of us in her family, and who we all loved (still do) and all remember. Every time I spill the salt I think of Bertie Marie Mink (a.k.a Neema), my maternal grandmother. It's a way of remembering. As a new grandfather it's got me thinking of what I can do to indelibly impress a memory of me on Ripley's developing mind, so when I'm long gone she'll be forced to remember me (whether she wants to or not) ... maybe I'll come to mind whenever she hears a trombone. I'd better keep practicing :-)