Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snapping out of it

There are days and weeks and sometimes months or longer stretches of time that can seem cursed.  These are times when it is easy to feel sorry for yourself and when it is also easy to get into a frame of mind where you actually look for the bad stuff, look for more evidence that you’re unlucky or doomed to suffer for some reason you don’t understand.  During these times it is difficult to notice all the things that are going well.  

I’ve been sort of stuck in that mode – not depressed by any stretch, not even down in the dumps, just suffering from a wee bitty case of self pity.  I last posted about a pretty bad day (you know, the speeding ticket and a few moments of loathsome self-awareness).  And there is the fact that my face still hurts.  Over the past two weeks or so I have caught myself adding items to my mental list of things that have been going wrong for me. 

Well, I have officially snapped out of it.  A very dear friend of mine unexpectedly lost her mother on Monday night.  And perspective is an oh-so helpful attitude adjuster.

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