Saturday, April 24, 2010

His own music

We are driving a long distance in the dark, listening to music.  Just the two of us tonight.  Time enough to talk about nothing; scold no one; listen only to what we like; hear without interruption; enjoy not talking at all.  And miss them at the same time.  Their din, their complaints, frequent pit stops, and hilarious outbursts. 

But what is it about music, when you have time to really listen, that charms memories to the surface?   Which song will someday remind me of tonight?  This scouting mission we are on together to find a suitable home for Team V.  Will it be Cold Play’s “Fix You” because Deano pointed out the moving lyrics and I noticed them for the first time, touched that he was touched?  Who knows…

I do know that we’ve been enjoying the music.  Six or seven songs into the journey, I noticed that he’d made a new playlist and I asked about it.  He has been working on the mix during stolen moments for several weeks.  It’s for his operating room.  As a resident, he is always subjected to the musical preferences of his Attendings – show tunes with Dr. P and country with Dr. T.  Poor Deano.  This playlist-in-the-making is for his OR.  No doubt he has been building it thinking about August 1st when he will first operate alone and choose what he listens to while he works.  A small reward for his coming graduation from student to master, his readiness to hold life in his hands and his alone. 

Soon enough his own playlist.  His own OR. 

Congrats to you, my love.

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  1. what a very moving entry - the words of proud wife on a special journey. thinking of you and hoping that you find a wonderful first home for the start of the rest of your life. (and not just for selfish reasons....)