Monday, April 12, 2010

My Sentiments Exactly

 Friday night (just days after the "For Sale" sign went up in our front yard) we played our usual game of Roses and Thorns at dinner.

No.  I did not steal this game from the Obamas, but I have heard that they play it too.  The game is simple.  Each night at dinner, we go around the table and everyone names the best thing that happened to them that day (their rose) and the worst thing that happened to them that day (their thorn).  Sofia notoriously copies the boys or repeats herself.  Her favorite rose, if Deano made it home for dinner, is "My wose wose is....dat Daddy hee-ya."  Very sweet. That's my rose too on those nights.

On Friday night GJ said, "My rose is that we're moving soon."  Then with his chin quivering a little he said, "....and my thorn is the same, that we are going to be moving soon."

I couldn't have explained my own feelings at this moment more simply or perfectly myself.


  1. Ohhh, I have not been to this site for too long and lucky me to see two new (to me) posts. I remember my own contribution to the V family memory box - when we went shopping downtown and GJ saw some coral necklace and said (in a knowitall-y voice)something like, "these are neat! where do you think they come from? from the bottom of the ocean? or Paris?" Great recent posts, mommy V...

  2. sad and wonderful all at the same time ... the paradoxes of life.