Saturday, May 8, 2010

On the cusp

My sister-in-law, the other lady lucky enough to have married into the big Italian family that we both adore, is on my mind today.  It's nearly Mother's Day and she will be a mother in a matter of days, or even hours.   Yes,  there will soon be a new Team "V" out there.  They'll be the Cleveland team, at least until we convince them to move east. (Someone please register not-so-subtle hint #999.)

She met her nice Italian boy in college like I did.  We married young, both sure that we'd found the person we were meant to be with, both valuing the profound importance of family to our respective partners, their braininess, and their goodness too (with just the right amount of bad to keep things interesting).  They both chose medicine as a career.  Then surgery.  She's about 6 years behind us as we wrap up these happy and grueling years of residency.  They have been exceptional years for us and they will be for them too.  

Today she is where I was exactly 7 years, five months, and 23 days ago.  Waiting (no doubt impatiently) for baby number one.  Staring at the perfect nursery with all the tiny clothes pre-washed and folded neatly.  Standing on the cusp of so much change.  Change that is so exciting you are nearly bouncing off the walls.  Change that is so scary you can't even think about it.  Change that will enter every nook and cranny of life and make you more important than you even are now. 

Soon she will be a mother and she will know the things that I don't have words to say about what that will mean. 

Happy Mother's Day to her and to all the mommy readers out there, especially my own.  

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  1. This made me cry such happy, pregnant tears. Thank you for everything, Laur - I love you so much.