Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where's Fia? -- Memory Box #2

Last night we found Sofia sleeping in the "book nook." It's a spacious landing at the top of the steps where we have a pile of bean bag chairs and throw pillows alongside of a shelf full of picture books. This reading space is a good 10 yards from Sofia's bedroom.

After we tucked her into her bed, she apparently crept into the book nook and, for reasons she does not recall, fell asleep there. It's always mildly alarming to tuck your child into bed and then later, at your own bedtime, find the child somewhere else. At least this time we came upon the nook before finding her bed empty.  In December we found the empty bed first.

It is our routine to check on the children before going to bed. It started the day we brought GJ home from the hospital during that brief era of parental fear (of SIDS) and awe (of the tiny life you created together). We would stare at him and cry (mostly just I did the crying.) and laugh.  We still gaze at them while they sleep.  It really hasn't gotten old.  We always head upstairs for bed expecting to be amused.  We never know what we will find in the kids' rooms and we are highly entertained by the funny positions the children sleep in, the things GJ says in his sleep, the teased and disheveled way that Sofia's hair spreads out across her pillow, and especially the way their usually frenetic bodies lie limp and peaceful. Once we found the boys snuggled together in the top bunk, nose to nose. 

We laugh at their drool and sometimes even take pictures to someday show them how goofy or cute they looked in their sleep. We have had some really good laughs over how they look when they have to sleep together, like when we cram into a hotel room. Hubby and I wake in the morning to find a tangle of small and skinny arms and legs. There's never any order to how they end up arranged, even though they start in a nice neat row.

Back in December, when we went upstairs for our usual check on the kids, we found Sofia's bed EMPTY. My heart plunged to my feet and for a split second I thought the worst, while my eyes darted around the room to her window (shut) and her closet (open and empty). Happily, it wasn't long before we discovered her fast asleep under her bed.  Here's what we saw:

Where's Fia?!!!


 Looking back we still wonder what she was doing under the bed. Aren't kids supposed to be afraid of what might be hiding under there? Weren't you?  I used to run from the threshold of my bedroom and leap onto my bed from halfway across the room. This procedure was designed to avoid getting my toes too close to the floor by the bed. I always fearfully imagined a hairy hand or creepy claw, reaching out from under the bed to grab my ankle if it should happen to be within reach.

Did she crawl under the bed to find something only to be instantly overtaken by sleep? That seems unlikely, unless it was her binky which you see she has a firm hold of.  So then could she have just, on a whim, decided she might like to sleep on the floor better than in her soft, warm, comfy bed?  We'll never know (and neither will she). We showed her the pictures the next day and she cracked up then asked, "Why wuz I doin' that?"

Good question, Sofia.

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  1. Maybe Sofia just wants to tuck herself into her own space. Wherever the space, it belongs to her. Sweet dreams Fia.