Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fancy Fia III

Sofia earned the moniker Fancy Fia when she wasn't even two, wearing red patent leather shoes with nothing but her diaper and decorating her body with Mardi Gras beads that she wouldn't even take off in the bathtub. 

So it isn't a surprise that her favorite story book character is Fancy Nancy.  Fancy Nancy Clancy is a spunky girl who uses big words and can't understand why the rest of her family doesn't like to "accessorize" as much as she does.  The books are beautifully illustrated with lots of detail, and in the original Fancy Nancy story, we see that Nancy decorated her own room by "improvising."  She hangs a blanket over her bed to make a canopy, for example.  She also drapes shawls, scarves and Christmas lights around her room being sure to leave no spaces empty.  Last weekend Sofia disappeared into her bedroom for over an hour and when she emerged she couldn't wait to show me how she had "deco-waited" her own room, all by herself. 

We went up and she gave me a tour.  She had taped the hearts we had been coloring together on her wall; she draped blankets all around; and she got out every stuffed animal and dollie from her closet and carefully placed each one in a special spot around her room.  The results are not at all what would get her room photographed for a home decor magazine but they are so adorably Sofia and we are both so proud of her work.
The blanket over the bed posts, the picture, and the lamp, plus the paper hearts are Fia's work.
Here the blanket and the tutu were added touches to the bookshelf.

In keeping with her theme of the week, Sofia brought me another of her favorite Fancy Nancy books on Friday.  It was the one about fancy words from A to Z.  She opened the book to the inside flap and showed me the illustration of Nancy with a decorated box filled with vocabulary words.  Sofia asked if she could make one too.  What a great idea!  We went to a crafting store, bought supplies, and the next day Sofia spent two hours carefully adorning her special box.

Here is the page that inspired Sofia's idea.

Here is Sofia painting her white box in the colors she chose - pink, red, and turquoise.
And here is her finished product!  All I added was her name.

We are gradually filling her special box with great new vocabulary words that we find on the Word Girl page of the PBS website:


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