Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sizzle Foot - Memory Box #4

One really fun thing about having young children is watching them experience things for the first time.  There are so many firsts to see - first foods, first steps, first ride on a swing, and first day of school all come to mind.  Beyond the baby book entries, however, there are smaller more ordinary firsts.

A few weeks ago Sofia's foot fell asleep for the first time. She and Johnny had been watching a movie together and Sofia had been sitting the whole time with her legs bent underneath of her.  After the movie, Johnny and Sofia popped upstairs for some lunch.  Sofia was sitting on her bar stool at the breakfast counter holding and staring at her foot while looking kind of bewildered.  Johnny was sitting on the bar stool next to Sofia, looking over at her with his brow crinkled.

This is the conversation that 6 year old Johnny and 4 year old Sofia had:

Johnny:  What are you doin', Boo?

Sofia (aka Boo):  My foot is sizza-win.

Johnny:  Sizzalin'?  Don't you mean it's it fell asweep? (He says this while wagging the fingers of one hand in the air as if over a keyboard, trying to visually demonstrate the prickly sensation.)

Sofia:  No Jawhnny!  (lip slightly curled while rolling her eyes.)  My foot is SIZZ-A-WIN.  ....It feels like I drank some fizzy water at them.

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