Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am a rock star

It's true.  I am a rock star even though my singing voice is flatter than Gwyneth Paltrow's.  And if you caught her performance at the Grammys Sunday night then you know that I've chosen a low benchmark on the rocker scale by which to measure myself.  (By the way, why was Cee-Lo Green dressed like a peacock for his Grammy duet with Gwyny?  And why did they perform the "F* You" song with muppets?)
Cee-Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammys - all sorts of weird.  (Image from Matt Sayles, AP)

But back to me.  I am only a rock star in the eyes of my three children, and yesterday they reminded me of my special status with their effusion of loving wishes.   On Valentine's Day morning, Johnny woke up first.  He gave me a groggy hug and told me that he loved me.  He had homemade Valentines behind his back.  Later, Sofia drew me a picture. It was a version of  her usual - a drawing in marker of me.  She draws several of these a day.  Her pre-schooler backpack comes home full of them.  Once she drew a butterfly (but I should note it was dressed for a business trip).  I love it!  Sometimes she adds her Dad to a drawing but he's never in color and he is never depicted as more than a back drop for the rock star. (Did I mention that I'm the rock star?)  In Sofia's Valentine's Day drawing of me I had purple hair and I stood under a blazing blue sun.   I told Sofia that I liked seeing myself with blue hair and might try it in real life.  She gave me a mortified look and her lip quivered a little so I had to tell her I was only kidding.  I guess rock stars don't dye their hair blue anymore.  Oopsy.

But it was GJ, who said something so cute that I had to race for a pen and write it down so as not to forget it, ever!  He was eating a pile of chocolate chip pancakes at breakfast, so I think he was under the influence of a sugar high when he made this adorable proclamation:
 "Mommy!  I love you with all of my heart except for a millimeter which is for ice cream and friends." 

Isn't that precious?  He even used the metric system, my sweet little dork. 

After my ego inflating Valentine morning with the kids, I had a cup of coffee with a friend who has teenagers and I saw a glimpse of my future.  Spoiler alert: I am not a rock star in my future.  Sofia will have a first kiss with a boy named Blain or Aiden or whatever, and my boys will replace me with girlfriends then wives.  And before that they'll roll their eyes at me and hate me and I'll embarrass them.  And not always on purpose.

But I haven't gone the way of Blondie or Cyndie Lauper yet, so for now I am savoring my celebrity status.  It is fun to be adored by those I most adore.  

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