Friday, March 4, 2011

First Cry - Memory Box #5

Remember the story about Sofia when her foot first fell asleep?  Tonight we witnessed a new first.  Sofia had her first cry over a movie.  It was sweet.  And then it was funny.

After dinner we had family movie night. We were all looking forward to a crowded cuddle on the sofa with lots of blankets, dim lights, and a good wholesome flick.  We searched through every movie listing available On Demand and then in our Netflix instant cue, but there was nothing at all that the whole family could agree on.  And that's how we finally ended up watching Cool Dog.  It was a lowest common denominator compromise that the kids ended up liking.     

Near the end of the movie, a nine year old boy is rescued from bad guys by his beloved dog who becomes an instant doggy hero, and then dies, or so we think for the duration of a very long, tear-filled scene.  The boy hugs his dog, begs him to come back because they're best friends, and sobs into his fur.  And it goes on until the dog is actually on a stretcher under a cloth and the boy asks to say a final good bye.  I was choking back some tears of  my own when Sofia, who was leaning on me and snuggled low between hubby and I, sat up straight.  She's a dog lover and she's only four even if she thinks she's fourteen.  I wondered how she was handling the scene.   Her eyes were open extra wide and she looked stunned and sad.  Deano and I exchanged, "aw isn't she sweet" looks above here head and we rubbed her back and petted her hair.  

"Are you crying?" I asked.  She was.  "No," she said indignantly, "there's water in my eyes."  "That means you're crying, Fia. Mommy's crying too, look."  "I am not cwyin'" she said with her voice quavering and her fist clenched and raised in the air.  "I shaid there's water in my eyes."

Then the dog miraculously came back to life and Sofia's shoulders relaxed and she fell back into the crook of my arm smiling with relief  in her eyes (and water).

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