Wednesday, April 13, 2011


These little horses are Sofia's latest obsession.  I thought they looked adorably patient on the back of this slipper chair, waiting for their loving handler to return.  And I like how Sofia took care to leave them snuggled together so sweetly while she was away.

The horses have taken baths in the powder room sink and they've pranced and galloped all over the house.  But the sweetest thing of all is that Sofia made them pajamas.  And it wasn't easy for her.  Here she is puzzling over how to make horsey PJs.  She made several prototypes but didn't quite get it the way she wanted.  I promised to help her the next day.

On day two, Sofia got out her supplies again - crayons, paper, scissors, and scotch tape.  She began with renewed vigor to work on the PJ problem.  After a half hour or more she got discouraged and said, "I guess I can't make these without you, Mom."  I told her to take a break and we'd work on it together a little later.

Later she quietly went back to the project by herself and not long after that she had cut out a saddle shape, including the long thin strips that would strap the "saddle" under the belly of the horse.  I could see in her eyes that she knew she was on to something.  The crayon-colored paper pajama was too big, but she kept trimming it, holding it up against her horse, and trimming it again.  Soon enough, she had figured out how to get the PJs over her horse's back and under its belly, with its legs, head, and tail sticking out. She made two more.

These horsey pajamas may not look like much to you, but I happen to think that they are a feat of engineering for a four year old and a testament to Sofia's tenacity, ingenuity, and manual dexterity.  But that's just me (and maybe her Dad too).  

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