Saturday, April 2, 2011

Girl Power

Sofia spends a lot of time on the sidelines of soccer games and practices since both of her brothers play.  So I was excited when I found out that the pack of girls she usually hangs with while her brothers are on the field, play too.  In fact they all play together and their coach agreed to add Sofia to the team.  I excitedly told Sofia the news and she bluntly said,
"Uh. No. Socca is for boys."
Can you imagine how long it took me from hearing those words to signing her up for soccer and pressing "click" on a pair of wee bitty cleats?  And look at how nice and dirty her new cleats got today.
Go Girl!


  1. Shame Leo will be too old to still be at Hopkins when Sofia is ready to play there!!!!!
    Go girl is right!!!

  2. Go Sofia, and Bend It Like Beckham!

  3. Sofia is the ultimate girl power girl in her heart. There is no way that this socca is boys will last long!

  4. Ha! Go Sofia! I'll never forget her at age 2 running down the entire mountain at Stowe.