Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm not a huge fan of practical jokes.  They can so easily go too far and turn from silly to mean. But the kids are used to playing little pranks on April Fool's Day because their beloved nanny Pam would get them good. 

Since they've been missing Pam lately and since I was up late anyway waiting for hubby to return home from a long case, I trolled the internet for a good April Fools prank to play on the kids this morning.  I found a downloadable PDF formatted to look like an official permission slip from school for a field trip to outer space, chaperoned by aliens.  I printed the fake permission slip last night and left it on the breakfast counter with a pen. 

This morning, while the kids ate breakfast I casually asked them if they had heard about this field trip to outer space.  I pretended to be surprised and confused myself.  They instantly fell for it.  I started to fill out the form, reading aloud and embellishing here and there about the dangers of space travel. 

Their eyes got really wide and GJ said, "I am NOT going on that." 
Johnny just teared up and didn't speak.
Sofia picked her nose. 

Staring into Johnny's big wet eyes, I couldn't keep the joke going, so I shouted "April Fools!" and I saw the relief in their eyes.  GJ recovered quickly and pretended to be mad about the trick.  Then Johnny snapped out of it and said with a naughty grin, "I was just getting ready to say 'Yes' to outer space!"

For the rest of the morning, including an eternal car ride to school, the boys tried to make Sofia look at nearly 100 things that weren't there (e.g., "look Sofia, I spider on the wall or "Look Sofia, a plane is landing in the road.") I am proud to say that she only fell for 99% of these pranks.


  1. I am laughing out loud. A perfect not too mean joke. Poor Fia. At least she didn't get upset about the plan to go to outer space. good one, I will have to file that away.....