Friday, April 8, 2011

It could have been worse

Johnny did a little science project last month and the morning it was due, we scrambled to find a box to bring it to school in.  I had a few laying around from recent online purchases and one fit his project perfectly so I sent him to school with it.  And we dashed off.

Last week it was time to bring the projects home.  At pick-up Johnny was holding his box and his teacher leaned in to me and said,

"I've got to hand it to you, only the most confident woman would send her child's science project into school in a box like that."

I was confused.  What did she mean?  I didn't decorate the box, was I supposed to?  Then I saw.

Right there on the side of the box in BIG obvious letters.  It said, "Spanx."  Yup.  It was the box my new bras had recently come in.  Johnny's science project had been sitting in a Spanx box in his classroom for weeks. 

I took the box from Johnny and tried to drape Sofia's little jacket over the side with the words, now larger than life to me.  And then I had to carry the box across campus and back to the car feeling as conspicuous as if I was wearing nothing but the new Spanx bra.

If I had noticed what the box said, I probably would have at least scratched it out.... but maybe not.  I think I felt embarrassed because I hadn't noticed and someone else had.  And that someone else, in the nicest way, implied that most would have disguised where the box came from.

What would you have done if the perfect box to protect your child's science project had clearly come from Spanx?  Send it in?  Send it but cover up the brand name?  Would you have skulked to your car with red cheeks or would you have proudly swished your tight Spanx-clad butt or thrust out your padded, pushed-up breasts?

I mean it could have been much worse, don't you think? At least the box wasn't from Sex Toys R Us. Now that would have been funny.  I'd like to think that I would have been prouder to tote that box.  And at least Johnny was too young to have any clue.  He will someday be mortified that I did this.

Sorry bud.....See sentence number two of the preceding paragraph.  It could have been worse.

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