Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loving quiche

I think that quiche is underrated.  Why don’t men like it?  It can’t be the taste.  Quiche is so delicious, even if hard on the arteries.  And it’s easy too. 

We have a big family and whenever there’s an event calling for brunch, out comes the quiche.  Bridal or baby showers?  Serve quiche.  It’s more elegant than alternative egg dishes like stratas and frittatas that feed a crowd, and you can make quiche in advance.   You can serve it with breakfast meat, fruit, and muffins or scones.  It goes equally well with green salad and roasted potatoes or soup. 

GJ’s first communion was a few weeks ago and the family came together to celebrate.  It wasn’t a full house but we were still 18 strong.  I made a new quiche recipe with bacon, arugula, and Gruyere. I love arugula in a salad but I’d never had it sautéed and cooked into anything before.  It added a nutty taste and more flavor than spinach.  

I cheated and used one of those refrigerated Pillsbury pre-made pie dough circles.  Otherwise, I stuck to the recipe which you can find here on the website. 

My quiche wasn't his pretty, nor was it garnished with a bacon rose!
I found this random picture under Google images, unattributed.  I think it's hilarious.  How could someone hate quiche enough to march about it?


  1. ahhh, I so well remember running out in the light rain to get pillsbury crust for our disastrous bridal shower quiche. and that was BEFORE we cooked it at 250. what were we thinking??? You are so right, quiche is so great for the occasions you describe and so versatile.

    PS I can't believe you are posting recipes to your blog and not your club. cheater!

  2. there a recipe CLUB??!?! If there is, I want to join!!!! And this can't be a reference to lovely shower you threw for me. That quiche was DELICIOUS!!!