Monday, June 20, 2011

To Their Dad

The kids celebrated Father's Day yesterday, but without their Father.  He was having a rare guy's weekend with an old friend.  So the kids and I spent some time talking about their Dad and I decided to interview them on the subject of their Dad, hoping to make this post a Father's Day gift of sorts. 

Below is the transcript of my interviews with the children.  They were interviewed alone and did not hear or discuss each other's answers before giving their own responses.  All similarities between responses are coincidence.

What three describing words would you use in a sentence about Daddy?
Sofia:  When I see him …when he comes home from work and I see him, I want to give him a hug and a kiss.

Johnny: Nice.  Lovey.  ….and funny.

GJ: How do you use a describing word for grilling?  Good at grilling?  I love his pancakes.  Sometimes he is very nice.  Not all the time?  Nah.

What is your favorite thing about Daddy?
Sofia: That he likes to play puzzles with me.

Johnny: Weeelll….he does funny jokes.  What’s the funniest?  I don’t really know that but he just does... um, like if we do something he just makes up random ones and I don’t have a favorite.  I like all of um. 

GJ: It’s when he lets me play on his ipod.’s actually when he makes pancakes.

Is your Dad serious or silly?
Sofia: Serious and silly.  When is he serious?  Well….um….when we’re not doing what you axed.  When is he silly?  When, when, when, when, when me and Dadday and the brudhas [brothers] are just goofin’ off.  Then things start to get silly.  [Begins giggling] It just makes me whaff when I say it. She says

Johnny: Serious AND silly.  Well….sometimes if we do something bad he yells at us and sometimes he is funny.

GJ: Serious....and silly.

What is the funniest thing about Daddy?
Sofia: That he tickles me a lot. 

Johnny: That he says that his feet look beautiful.  What is so funny about that?  It reminds me about that poem.  Do you think his feet are beautiful?  NO.  Of course not.

GJ: I have no clue....I don’t know.  What would Daddy say is funniest?  The feet part.  When he says, “look at my beautiful feet.”  Do you think his feet are beautiful?  Not really.

What does Daddy do all day while you’re in school or camp?
Sofia: Work.  He works.  What kind of work?  Nurse’s work…wait!  A brain surgeon’s work.  What do brain surgeons do?  They fix people’s brains and spines and their other body parts.  But mostly they fix your brain.  What could be wrong with a brain that Daddy would fix?  Like if it couldn’t …if it didn’t work.  Dada would have to break open the head and take it out.  Take out whatever isn’t making the brain not work.

Johnny: He works.  He works a lot.  He works on people’s brain and spine.  Does he work on the spine?  .....Yeah.  I think he works on the spine too.

GJ:  He goes to work.  He works.  That’s pretty much what he does all day.  

Why did he decide to do what he does?
Sofia: Because he thought it was a good and important job for him.  Wait.  I don’t know that question, but you can still write down what I said about him.

Johnny: Probably because he thought it was a good job.

GJ: I have no clue.

Why did Daddy decide to have children and become a father?
Sofia: Because he wanted to marry you and he wanted to have beautiful children like you.  Do you think he likes to be a dad?  YES I DO!

Johnny: Because, I think you told him.  Did you tell him?  ....I’m just guessin’.  I was in your tummy.  I wasn’t even existin'.  GJ was in your tummy but not me.  Not me.

GJ: Cuz he wanted to be a parent.  Do you think he like to be a dad? Yes.

Is there anything about Daddy that you would change if you could?
Sofia: I will change him being mad.  When ever he was mad I would change him being mad.  But I can’t. 

Johnny: That he wouldn’t be that strict.  What does he do that’s the most strict?  Yell at us.  Anything else?  No, because he’s a nice dad.

GJ: I wanna make him not say the feet are beautiful.  Daddy’s perfect?  Pretty much.

Why do you think he married Mommy?
Sofia: Because he thought you looked beautiful.  And cuz you thought he was handsome.  And…..then you fell in love so much you wanted to marry.

Johnny: Because he thought you were beautiful.  Anything else?  Um…

GJ: So he could have kids.  Any other reasons?  Cuz he loved you.

How did Daddy ask me to marry him?
Sofia: He saw you and then he came up to you and asked if you can marry me and you said yes. 

Johnny: I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

GJ: "Will you please marry me?"

Why do mom’s and dad’s get married? 
Johnny: Because if you didn’t get married, you’d live alone and be sad.

GJ: I don’t know that one.

Any else you would like to say about your Dad on Father’s Day?
Johnny: no.

GJ: I love you daddy.

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