Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hubby's out of town (golfing with his besty) and I'm in our bed with Sofia breathing softly next to me, looking younger in her sleep than when she is animated with her too-big-girl sass.  And I'm writing for a change.  I've been out of the habit for a while and also a little out of touch with what compels me to write - those ordinary moments in our family life.  I've let them feel too ordinary.  Time together isn't as scarce as it was a year and a half ago so I suppose it is natural to take something abundant for granted.  And we did just move into a new house, which was a lot of work.  But the disconnect leaving me uninspired to write may also be because I'm not writing. Recording our family's stories here helps me bring them into focus and treasure them.  So being away from the storytelling I do on this blog hasn't helped me find the Mommy spark that usually sends me racing for a pencil to jot down a child's quip or a quotable cuteness.

Tonight I feel the tug of emotion that makes my fingers wiggle for the keyboard.   It's only 8:30.  This is when adult time usually begins - a glass of wine, a book, the crossword, a little email or a project.  Tonight there's a pile of dishes and an even bigger pile of laundry waiting for me with a not small glass of wine already poured.  But here I am in bed with my girl, and here I will stay. 

Sofia had been looking forward to sleeping in my bed since her Dad left for the airport and the snuggling felt so good and sweet.  She fell asleep and I was about to crawl out of the warm bed to claim the wine and start the chores, but I stopped myself.  I am just here and still for a change, listening to my sweet girl breathe and feeling that pull to write it down, treasure it, and never forget it. 

Don't grow up, daughter, and don't let me miss another moment like this.

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  1. yup, those moments are precious for sure. what a thoughtful post, Laura.